"No one loves you unconditionally as your beloved pet" - Unknown
Loyal Companion
Pet Crematory
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Pet Crematory


We provide many ways in which to memorialize your beloved pet companion. Pet Crematory


When a loved one is sick, or getting up in age, it is customary to pre-plan their arrangements so when the time comes everyone knows exactly what to do. We believe the same forethought to be true with your pet companion. That is why we offer this pre-need service, so if something happens to your pet companion the veterinarian and our staff know exactly what to do.

Traditional Interment

If you desire burial for your pet, we offer a wide selection of pet urns and caskets in various sizes. Please call or stop by to discuss your needs.


If cremation is what you desire, we only offer private, individual cremation of your beloved pet companion with their cremated remains returned to you in a small plastic urn. When each pet comes to Loyal Companion they are given an identification disc that remains with them throughout the entire cremation process, to ensure the cremated remains each family receives are indeed their pet. If a family would like to watch the cremation itself, we have an intimate viewing room where they can comfortably gather to say good-bye. Pet Crematory


0-25 lbs - $195
26-50 - $225
51-75 - $255
76-100 - $285
101-125 - $315
126-150 - $345
151-175 - $375
176-200 - $405

All pick-ups from local veterinarian offices are free of charge.

* These prices include proper documentation and authorization.

For Veterinarians

If you have a pet family that has requested our services, as long as you call us before noon on any given day, we can guarantee pick up the same day. If you call us after noon we will try our best to be there the same day, but we do guarantee pick up by noon the next day. Just one more way we can professionally and promptly serve our pet families.